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Created by lisa.flores6 7 years 34 weeks ago
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7 years 34 weeks 17 hours 45 min ago


Pay any price

Gamers, will pay any price to get their precious cyber-Columbine, "shooter" games, launched into Free Software.

Here, they want you to pay, so you can get a bunch of Microsoft's sickest psycho "games" running on Free Software.

Gamers are a bigger threat to Free Software than Ballmer and Jobs put together.

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7 years 34 weeks 5 hours 58 min ago


And I totally agree.

And you know what else?
I personally think that these sick "shooter" games are cruel military training tools in disguise. I think even most of those US military soldiers are staunch FPS games addicts. Didn't you see them in the video leaked by Wikileaks when they killed 12 unarmed innocent civilians, how they were chanting and demanding the permission to open the fire? Their tone was so very much closer to a bunch of 13 year-old kids playing Counterstrike than soldiers at a real battle zone, with real weapons and real targets (innocent, totally unarmed civilians) right in front of them.

So yes, I totally agree. These stupid games should, in fact, be banned from Free Software, as their manufacturers are the biggest promoters of violence and intolerance in the world.

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7 years 33 weeks 6 days 5 hours ago


You're probably right

I read that it was the same with the CIA teams that use Predators to fire their Hellfire missiles at people's houses in Pakistan.

When someone on the ground realises they are a target and tries to run out of the strike area, the operators call them "squirters". This is obviously regarded as a similar sort of "game" by these CIA butchers.

In addition to training themselves to be assassins, these "gamers" are busy importing proprietary software into the middle of the Free Software Community in a clandestine manner.

Having the moral outlook of trained assassins, this won't bother their consciences one little bit. They probably think that is a joke, too.