A decision to remove OpenOffice.org from the next Ubuntu Netbook Remix release has been retracted

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8 years 12 weeks 5 days 19 hours ago


Ubuntu dev. team, back to sanity

It's good to know that the Ubuntu team came back to sanity regarding the OpenOffice issue. At least this is better than allowing Mono junk poisonware into the Ubuntu distro AND removing OO.o off the the Ubuntu Netbook edition live cd.

And speaking of Mono, I would like to express my optimism that there still exist some people inside the Ubuntu dev. team who still have their sanity and hopefully, these people will have a good impact on the project which will lead to the banishing of Mono trashware out the Live CD, and marking all mono-related packages in the repos. as "Non-Free".

I really hope my optimism doesn't fool me this time.

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Mr. Psychopath

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I dunno, the whole reason they thought of removing the OO.O component was that it was relatively RAM-hungry on smaller netbooks, and they even considered putting Abiword and Gnumeric (I think) on there. Which is actually kind of a good idea when you think about it.

As for the mono thing, just don't use it if you don't like it. There's some interesting alternatives out there (Vala is fantastic, for example), and as far as I can tell Shotwell is on its way to surpassing F-Spot in usability and features, and Gnote is still pretty nice.

It's kind of a shame that gNewSense switched to a Debian base though, so that means no shiny Ayatana notifications and usability fixes in GNOME. =/ Would've really added to the experience.