With a few exceptions, K3b keeps feature-parity with 1.0 series, but it also introduces a number of new features. Perhaps the biggest among these is support for Blu-ray drives. Additionally a lot of work have been put into improving the overall user experience. Some work-flows have been merged abstracting it for all kinds of media.

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Is every Blu-ray media cripled?

If I understand these correctly only the final Blu-rays from those studios are cripled because they decided to add the mis-features to it? If you only use K3b to author and burn your own Blu-ray media then I guess you are not forced to add these mis-features to it. In other words, is CD also bad as some publishers add DRM to it, but you don't need to add it when you burn your own CDs? So I don't see much problem with K3b supporting Blu-ray media. I don't see much difference between suport for CD/DVD media and Blu-ray medias.