SAINT PAUL, Minn. (December 7, 2010) Twelve million addicts, err, players cant be wrong. Theres no doubting the draw of World of Warcraft. And today, as Blizzard rolls out its third, much-anticipated expansion to the game Cataclysm, CodeWeavers ensures that Linux gamers can play right along with their PC and Mac brethren. CodeWeavers Linux customers will be able to run Cataclysm as if they were running on Windows with today’s immediate shipment of CrossOver Games 9.2.1.

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Created by lisa.flores6 7 years 7 weeks ago
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Stargrave hates Wine.....

Hello Stargrave,

Another down vote :) You must hate Wine you even vote the free open source version down. what I find interesting is when I voted a couple of your post down my rank went from #6 to #16 over night... :D

Oh well, life goes on right? But one would think you guys here would be glad I post Wine news here for your readers... Maybe I should just move on and not post any more Wine news articles here?

Please tell me what you want...


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7 years 6 weeks 6 days 17 hours ago


Yes, I hate it

I agreed that wine is open source and free software. But I also think that Wine is always used to run proprietary programs. I am sure that it is used only for that. Wine slows down rate of user's conversion to free software. I do not think that we should have some kind of temporary bridge between free software and proprietary one.

The same thing is with Mono. By license, by source code, by copyright -- it is open source too. But many people think that it should die because of possible patents traps.

I do not have anything against personally you. Believe me. It is just my own personal opinion: free software community should not promote even temporary bridges (as Wine) between free and proprietary software.

As I can see, I am not the only one here. If someone think that Wine-related posts should be on FSDaily, then he can always vote up articles. If someone think oppisite -- he votes down.

Well, again, I have nothing against you. Maybe I am too rude with my decisions. Well, not to lower you rating (I do not know how it is calculated) I agree not to vote down Wine-related posts. Maybe I am too strict. It does not mean that Crossover is related to Wine. Anyway Crossover is proprietary software. But, agreed, Wine is free software. So, ok, I can be not so strict in my thoughts about it's aims.

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7 years 6 weeks 6 days 11 min ago


I don't like Wine either

It's not by coincidence rms decided to start the GNU project by writing an operating system. He thought there was no sense in running free applications on a non-free operating system. Wine allows one to run non-free applications on a free operating system. I don't think that is any better.