Recently I have started to mess around with the Vorbis audio codec, commonly found within the Ogg media container. Unlike Theora, which I had also experimented with but won’t post the results for fear of a backlash, I must say I am rather impressed with Vorbis.

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Theora is high-quality too

As I understand, author was not impressed by Theora's quality (only with Vorbis one's). I my opinion Theora has really very good quality and can be compared with the most codecs available. The only one, which I new and has better output quality (with the same bitrate) is only H.264. That is why there are always battle between H.264 and Theora in HTML5 video-tag and so on. But, H.264 uses *much* more resources for decoding (encoding of course is even more resourceful) and it is covered by patents, however open source code for working with it exists. Also, there is Dirac videocodec, that should be competitive with H.264 as a minimum. It is too very resourceeating, but using wavelets-based algorithm of compression should provide better quality. I played with Dirac a year ago, and do not remember any impressions, except that my hardware is not able to decode it in real time. Hoping that nowadays it gained more production ready quality. But Theora is already quite long production ready and I use it for everything where video needs to be encoded: screencasts, movies, grabbed movies from sources like DVD, video conferencing and so on.