Digg have just signed an exclusive ad deal with Microsoft. A pretty solid business move for them, I would imagine. But it brings another player to the table. A player who doesn’t exactly have a squeaky clean trackrecord when it comes to playing clean with contracts. And I’m not saying that Digg wouldn’t have excellent legal staff to make sure they aren’t going to get burned when it comes to the crunch. But think about it: a three year exclusive deal with Microsoft. We’re never going to see the details of the contract and we are never going to know what else Microsoft would have wanted as part of the deal. Digg would have had to sign if it meant getting a greater profit for their investors or they could potentially be sued for not acting with due diligence.

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Well, I just came to FSD after

Well, I just came to FSD after reading this article. So if it was a publicity gimmick, it worked. Glad I wasn't the only one getting fed up with the incresingly repulsive nature of digg. I hope FSD is the real thing, at least for a little while...

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Same here, as much as i like to

Same here, as much as i like to here apples precious iphone getting hacked, I'm feed up with the same story's about it.