"For those of you media junkies out there, you are probably already familiar with the term Digital Rights Management. For those of you who are less familiar, a DRM is any sort of software that is usually attached to media files in order to limit the use of the media file. For example, many legal online music download sites attach a DRM to the music file being downloaded to prevent its copy, or limit its ability to be played without the use of some sort of proprietary software. Since the sole purpose of the DRM is to restrict the use of such material, some organizations opposed to the use of the DRM, such as the Free Software Foundation and Defective By Design, have started calling the DRM Digital Restrictions Management..."

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DRM in Microsoft UK's Mobile Music Service

Electronic Frontier Foundation: « Late last week, Microsoft launched a mobile phone music downloading service in the UK, but the public has quickly focused its attention on Microsoft UK's mystifying choice to include digital rights management (DRM) on its music files. PC Pro reports that the restrictions prevent buyers from playing the music anywhere but on the mobile phone used to make the purchase, while tracks from the iTunes Music Store and Amazon's MP3 store are cheaper and DRM-free... »