Can you believe it? Given Microsoft's history of antagonism, It's hard to believe anyone - let alone the Linux Foundation - would call on the FOSS community to respect Microsoft. No, if Microsoft wants respect, they should get it the 'old-fashioned' way - by earning it.

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FOSS community != FSF/GPL zealots.

FOSS community != FSF/GPL zealots. Such people (incl. RMS) that speak for the _entire_ community are hypocrites.

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People are getting confused. I

People are getting confused. I think the Linux Foundation used "Respect" when they really meant act "Professional". There is a big difference for just going around spewing negative comments about Microsoft, which is not professional, and doing constructive critizism, which isn't hard with Microsoft.

The entire FOSS community is too political, folks should go back to writing code, and stop trying to be politicians!

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I totally agree with the poster.

I totally agree with the poster. Microsoft deserves only my contempt and disgust. alot of things need to happen in order for the FOSS community to respect microsoft. that truly atrocious company certainly earned all the bad atitude and contempt of the FOSS community.

oh, and while RMS can't speak for the whole community, he certainly speaks for me. these calls for microsoft respect only show me that the 'zealot' hard line is the one to take.

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Since my article didn't bring up

Since my article didn't bring up RMS, I'm not sure why his name came up. 'dehumanizer'may as well have brought up Sun Tzu or Kung Fu. The fact is, it's hard to hear what MS has to say, or to show them any respect, while they're running around taking pot shots at us. As long as someone is shooting at me, I'll keep my cover and return fire. If MS wants to talk, they can show some decency, and I will respond to that positively.

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The section of the community that

The section of the community that is "too" political is trying to win freedom for people who are too stupid or ignorant to realize that software freedom is essential in this time when software is beginning to control everything.

As a whole there is a far greater section of the community who are knuckling down and doing the hard work. But they are the silent masses.

Having said that, those who are extremely radical need to calm down a little and think about their approach. There is nothing wrong with fighting injustice but it would be a good idea to think about image too. There is no point fighting for the freedom of the masses if you are going to look like loonies; you'll end up making them think you should just STFU. The masses are more easily swayed by cool, level-headed people.

RMS has the right ideas, Mark Shuttleworth has the right approach.

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If Microsoft engage with FOSS in

If Microsoft engage with FOSS in a positive way and embrace free software licences then they may be able to earn respect. However, everything about Microsoft's past behavior suggests that this is not their real intention.