Being 39 years of age, Linus Torvalds was born on the 28th of December 1969 in Helsinki, Finland. Though the fact that he graduated the Helsinki University with a Master's degree in computer science may not seem very interesting, you should know that the University's decision to hold a UNIX course during his years there was one of the things that led to the creation of Linux.

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Vote this the article is

Vote this the article is worth it.

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Historically inaccurate

Actually the article is factually quite inaccurate. Where is GNU? Where is Richard Stallman? Where are the FSF and the GPL?

That's of course what you get for calling the whole system just "Linux".

Linux is just a kernel. The operating system in question was started much earlier in the form of GNU. It was just completed when Linux (the kernel) was finally liberated (it was not free software at first).

We have many more people to thank for the success of the GNU+Linux phenomenon than just a guy who never even meant for his hobby kernel to be anything more than a fun toy to play with let alone decide to oraganise and advocate for developing a whole free OS.

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Love this article

This is easily one of the funniest articles I've ever read! I almost posted a sarcastic comment on there, but there was no bugmenot account for the site, and I didn't want to register.

Seriously, though, this is so inaccurate that it's funny how little the author knows (or at least pretends to know) about the subject. And to think people wonder why not enough people appreciate GNU...

Maybe I'm one sided, though, simply because I can't stand the jerk portrayed in the article.