Grassroots public relations campaign aims to get GNU/Linux mentioned on radio talk shows.

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We (Bridget and I) were considering

We (Bridget and I) were considering starting a free software advertising & merchandising project, where we would try to get banners, cartoons, videos, stickers, t-shirts, comicstrips, buttons/badges, etc., made up by members of the free software community.

We would emphasise grassroots and viral marketing methods, which have been successful in the past for foss. However, donations and funds raised from sales of merchandise would go toward buying advertising space in newspapers and billboards or air time on TV and radio and other traditional advertising media.

Unfortunately, we don't have the time to run another project at this point. I think it would involve a lot of paperwork registering a non-profit, etc. However, we will look into it in the new year... especially if fsdaily is doing well.

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Excellent idea

Excellent idea

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Check out the Tux Project (http://thetuxproject.com/).

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Where do you hope to market these

Where do you hope to market these things? America, Australia or the world? I ask because I am an Aussie and you probably know that Australia is held under the mercy proprietary software companies. An advertising campaign like you are proposing may help people know about freedom which would really help me greatly.