Less that one week after going on sale via its own e-commerce site, the 900MHz version of OpenMoko's Neo FreeRunner Linux phone has sold out, but don't despair yet as more are on the way.

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They will never learn...

They made the same mistake as with the dev release, it's better to have too many in stock than too few.

Now they are looking like idiots as the rest of us who wants one has to wait "within a few weeks"

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Not As Bad As You Think

If they sold out, it probably mean that the openmoko company made a profit. Profits are essential for continuing operation, expand, and survive the worst economic conditions.

Sure, they underestimated demand, so it may mean loss of profits. But estimation of demand is probably a difficult science.

On the other hand, if they have too much phones in stock, that mean they're not making enough money and risk their operations being shut down. There is a delicate balance that they have to reach.

It is not about making lot of money, but rather economic necessity.

If you want the free phone movement to succeed, you need to be pragmatic in approach. In other words, not burning through your capitals that you can't survive the next day.
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