Why does RMS and his followers hate making money so much?

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Created by linuxinstall 7 years 10 weeks ago
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Lies of an open source idiot!

The GNU GPL license itself clearly states that

You may charge any price or no price for each copy that you convey, and you may offer support or warranty protection for a fee.

There's plenty of evidence to point out that claim is false. Open source just doesn't cut it.

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Actually they do not. For example if you tell me to rob a bank I will refuse but I will not refuse because I do not like money. Same think goes with RMS. When he comes to a choice of restricting someones freedom in order to get money he will simply refuse.
It is a mater of values. For RMS software freedom is No1.
That is a great ideal that is called "Free Software".
And sure you can make money without robing the bank. :)

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Glad to see you like the koolaide....

My opinion is not a lie. It's an opinion.

When you read the responses the RMS and his followers like yourselves put on the net it's hard to see where I am wrong. If I hold a gun to your head and make you through your money to the masses on Time Square does that encourage you to give away more of your money? The GPL and LGPL all force companies that want to dip their toe in the water of "Free Software" a poison pill to swallow. They have no choice but to Open and set "Free" the code they, and their shareholders, believe to be of some value.

Don't get me wrong I think that like MLK needed Malcom X the free software world needs RMS and people like you. What you need to realize is how your zealous opinions are perceived. Perception is reality on the internet. When people perceive you to be unwilling to discuss any other possible ways to achieve a goal, they won't think you are listening? You have already told them you will accept no other options. My goal with my writing is to get everyone to become "Free Software" fans. Hard line, unyielding and belittling stances is not the way to win converts.

These aren't lies either. They are my opinions.

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Note 2

Nobody is forcing anyone to do anything. What RMS is saying is that if the software you are using does not give you freedom then don't use it. How is that bad? Can you please explain why or how you "through money to Time Square by releasing your software under GPL".
Does RedHat MySql or any other company through money away by releasing source code? The "Open Core" philosophy is another attempt to make more money by restricting users freedom. The approach may be ok for Open Source but it is not for Free Software.