If you need to set up a compact, secure, easily configurable Web server in as short a time, then we recommend installing Abyss Web Server. The software is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and FreeBSD operating systems. Depending on your needs, you may choose one of the two available editions. The free personal edition (X1) is a fully usable web server with no limitations. The professional edition (X2) includes an immediate access at no additional cost to new minor and major versions for a small amount of money. Abyss isn't open source software, but it is an interesting product and can provide a full web server with no cost, on older hardware, and with high-performance results.

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Created by fn-eagle 8 years 40 weeks ago
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8 years 40 weeks 5 days 11 hours ago


Abyss isn't free software

It's freeware.

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8 years 40 weeks 4 days 23 hours ago


freeware and free-as-in freedom

Abyss isn't free software. It's freeware.
There is a huge difference between freeware and free-as-in freedom.
Freeware as is about price, not users freedom. Different purpose, different jobs.