I have provided two methods. Please do comment which one is successful. Follow these steps to install skype in ubuntu 9.10

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Created by linuxtips 6 years 38 weeks ago
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Not free software

Skype does not respect the four freedoms, so it does not fall into the category of free software. Downvoted.

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Re: Not free software

Yep, do did I because of that.

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Skype Helps Linux

Skype is an important program for many people. The folks at Skype should be given credit for supplying us with a version that runs on Linux. The fact that Skype runs on Linux makes it that much easier to convince a M$ user to try Linux. None of the people I talk to over Skype use Linux and they probably don't care about Free Software either. If all I had was Ekiga, I could talk to no one. That doesn't sound like Freedom.