Recently lots of problems are reported about gmail account passwd hacking.Set your account password recovery options effectively.How to set Gmail password recovery options

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Hackers do not crack

Do not use incorrect journalists-created misunderstanding terms like "hacker" in the meaning of doing bad things. Just remember Stallman, Raymond, Wall, and so on. Crackers do bad things.

Read: http://www.gnu.org/philosophy/words-to-avoid.html#Hacker

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M$ "Misunderstanding"

I suspect the journalists were originally misled by M$.

M$ knew that Free Software hackers were the only ones who fully understood that Windows was a crock of stolen software cobbled together to resemble a buggy, insecure OS.

So they started disparaging hackers to journalists as being the same as Microsoft's criminal crackers who knew how to take full advantage of Microsoft's complete lack of any security.

M$ - world's greatest hypocrites!

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Anyway passwords won't save

Humans are incapable of securely storing high-quality cryptographic keys, and they have unacceptable speed and accuracy when performing cryptographic operations. (They are also large, expensive to maintain, difficult to manage, and they pollute environment. It is astonishing that these devices continue to be manufactured and deployed. But they are sufficiently pervasive that we must design our protocols around their limitations). (C) do not remember

SMS and cellphone are too deanonymizing. Security questions is just another, maybe even more simple (for the one, who knows you good), password. Other mailbox, is just another place of storing and cracking your password.

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I'm still eagerly waiting for the

howto secure gmail from google instructions...